Dove siamo/Map


Public transportation from Fiumicino airport:

Option 1 (approx cost 15,5€ per person; total estimated travel time : 45 min)

  1. Take Leonardo Express Train no stop connecting Fiumicino to Rome Central Station (Termini Station)

  2. Once in Termini station take the Metro Underground Line B1 heading to Jonio and just drop off at Libia Metro station (I suggest you use the elevator to come out)

  3. Exit the metro and our building is just at 189 Viale Libia, 50 meter off the Metro exit. At the gate located along viale Libia road; just push the big red botton to open the entrance gate and then ring the H501 B&B located on the second floor.

Option 2 (approx cost 8€ per person; total estimated travel time: 60 min)

  1. Take the first TRENITALIA train leaving Fiumicino that stops in Nomentana Railway Station (check the timetable monitor)

  2. Exit Nomentana Railway Station in Viale Etiopia and walk for approx. 150 m (~500 ft) until the first light crossing viale Libia. At the traffic light go left on viale Libia for another 150 m and you reach us in Viale Libia 189.

Public transportation from Roma Termini railway station: (cost 1,5 € per person; total estimated travel time : 12 min)

Follow Option 1 instructions from point 2) above

Public transportation from Roma Tiburtina railway station: (cost 1,5 € per person; total estimated travel time : 12 min)

  1. Take the Metro Underground Line B2 heading Laurentina and drop off the train at Bologna Metro Station (just one stop)

  2. Remain within the Underground circuit and take the Metro Line B1 heading to Jonio and drop off at Libia Metro station (2 stops)

  3. Exit the Metro and follow Option 1) point 3 above instructions

Parking information if you are travelling by car:

There are both public parking along the roads as well as plenty of private parking by short walking distance from our facilities.

Public parking:

Allowed within parking space are limited by blue lines. Cost is 1 € per hour or more conveniently 4 € per 8 hours. Charged time is from 9,00 AM to 7,00 PM and it is free any other time and on Sunday. You can buy ticket by automated machines located in via Amatrice (just behind the Metro station) or by the newsstand located directly on viale Libia 50 m off the Metro Station.
There are few free parking spaces in the nearby (mostly on via Amatrice) limited by white lines.

Private parking:

Available all around with approx. cost of 25 € (average size car) per 24 hours.